The Donovan Russell Foundation, Inc. was created to assist families that have children affected by cancer, emotionally, financially, morally, and with toy drives.

Donovan Russell Foundation, the brainchild of Donovan and Denver Russell. Donovan seeing the devastation of cancer during his own treatment, he wanted to give back and he and his sister started doing just that, giving from their own allowances and gift money to start with. Being supportive parents and seeing their efforts, we formed the Donovan Russell Foundation. After learning about the effects of cancer on himself, having a close friend pass and seeing many others suffering, Donovan was inspired to give to other families, from his own money and toys, trying to lift their spirits and bring some joy to them. Donovan did this beause, he himself felt better when people reached out to him during his treatment. Donovan was 7 years old having to battle cancer and so far he is winning. Donovan also wants to continue to bring some happiness to others.

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